Our Story

We were living our conventional lives. We went to college, partied and traveled a lot, then graduated and got a job. Oscar was working in a 9-5 job in the financial world, and Mark started a marketing agency in Prague. With one day like another and time quickly passing by, we asked ourselves:

Is this what life is all about?

There must be many skilled and talented people out there fighting to achieve their goals! Therefore we became more curious. After years of studies, people we met and following our idols it suddenly hit us. 

We visioned a world with people using their time more efficiently. People not only dreaming but focusing on their inner desires and thoughts and finally taking actions.

There must be a way to support people on their way to success!

With this idea in mind, we decided to found our brand Mark&Oscar. Since then we have been gaining valuable knowledge and developing helpful tools.


Mark & Oscar