The Life Deck
The Life Deck
The Life Deck
The Life Deck
The Life Deck
The Life Deck
The Life Deck
The Life Deck
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The Life Deck

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2 years of scientific research, 41 read books and several sleepless nights.
We are proud to introduce you the new BEST SELLER on the field of motivational games.
By opening this deck you will:
  • Break through your comfort zone
  • Gain new experience 
  • Broaden your horizons
Finish all the tasks and get your finisher certificate.
The easiest way to keep track of your accomplishment of the tasks is via social media using #TheLifeDeckChallenge hashtag.

Product includes:
  • 151 playing cards in a design box
  • 6 categories (Start, Education, Well-being, Communication, Myself)
  • Card #151 is a special Bonus Card with the most difficult and yet the most awesome task.
  • Disclaimer and How to play cards
  • A form to track your progress (send out via email)

🇪🇺 Locally made product from the heart of Europe.
✏️ Illustrated by world-class illustrator duo Tomski&Polanski.

How to use it:
  • Play a card and accomplish the given task as soon as possible.
  • Do not take any other card until you have accomplished the task on the previous one. 
  • We recommend you to start with the EASY START category. However, you can take cards randomly from the whole package. 
  • Each task is given a point value, starting with the easiest (value 1) and finishing with the most difficult to achieve (value 6).
  • Uncover the #151 Card only upon accomplishing all the previous tasks. 
  • Do your best to complete the tasks as soon as possible. Although accomplishing tasks may take some time, do not cheat. 

Have courage! 

The Life Deck - Step out of your comfort zone with 151 challenging tasks | Product Hunt


1) Do we have an app or digital version of the product?

We are quite sure we will implement this in the future.
However for a genuine start, we wanted to offer a product from the best materials that you can touch and feel. 🔥
It might be beneficial as well during these times, when literally everything is online. Even a beer with friends. 

2) How hard are tasks in the deck?

The task difficulty varies from 1 point to 6 points. Plus one final task for 75 points.
From our experience the difficulty depends on each person individually.
Some friends told us it's ok, some that it's hard. 🧐

However the aim of the game is to be hard.
That's why we have 6 categories so everybody will find something challenging.
So for example athletes will have easy Well-Being category, but much harder Communication etc.

3) Is it a game for friends or just for me and myself?

You can do both! You can walk this journey alone or you can make challenges with your friends or coworkers.
Every task has a certain amount of points. Total available to achieve is 600 points. 
Who from your group can achieve more in one year? 💪

4) Are challenges also lockdown-compatible?

Most of the tasks are corona free. However, there are several tasks which might be an issue during corona restriction.
The Life deck is a long term game. So if you would play a card which can't be completed due to that, just leave it for spring. 

Example from each Category below: 

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Miroslava C.
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Almost perfect

Bohužel to neumím dostatečně dobře popsat v anj. Na produkt jsem se strašně těšila. Jeho myšlenka a obsah je naprosto super. Jediné, co mě zklamalo, bylo provedení, které jsem bohužel za danou cenu čekala trochu lepší. Co mi totiž vadí, je provedení karet, na kterých se občas objevují barevné pruhy (jako když dochází toner v tiskárně), ale hlavně různá velikost karet. Mou perfekcionistickou mysl dráždí ten fakt, že se nedají zarovnat, aby tvořily pěkný balíček. Je to velká škoda.

Sandra S.
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Je potřeba si umět hrát

Je potřeba si hrát, nezapomínat na jednoduchosti a dopřát si dobrodružství. A když je možnost tohle všechno získat v jedné krabičce je to totál pecka. Takže The Life Deck je věc, kterou chcete. Rok s touhle hrou může totiž změnit obrovsky moc.

Marta S.
Czech Republic Czech Republic

So far so good.

Evženie S.
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Good thing!

I have just finished the starting cards with easy tasks, but it's already very enriching! It brings momentum to my everyday life, as finishing these challenges feels great. I recommend doing it with a friend, as you can see each other's progress, which encourages me to be a little bit competitive and "put my leg down".

A Mark&Oscar Customer
Luca P.
Italy Italy
very inspiring

Excellent card quality. The product is elegant and stimulates new experiences. Highly recommended.